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Displaying > Battery Powered Absolute Encoder Unit
AZ16E - External magnetic sensor
Unique definition of the zero point
No further referencing necessary
Permanent data retention of all parameters
Battery service life up to 3 years (AZ16E) resp. 4 years (AZ16I)
Auto-Power-Off function with adjustable switch on time
Absolute / Incremental measurement switch over
Inches / mm switch over
User friendly parameter menu
Buttons can be enabled or disabled individually
Adjustable Reference value
3 adjustable Tool Offsets
Symbols can be added to the display
A new ABSOLUTE - measuring and indicator system, based on a magnetic measurement principle. The system can be installed completely as a "stand alone unit", without any wiring and cables. The system is predestined for applications on manual slides, stop systems etc. The external magnetic sensor is connected fix to the indicator by a drug chain suitable cable. Further a version with an internal sensor and a guidance rail is available (AZ16I). The max. battery service life amounts up to 3 years (AZ16E) resp. 4 years with AZ16I.
Technical Specifications
LCD display: 6- digits, height 8 mm + sign + battery condition
Power supply: 1.5 V battery (size C)
Code of the tape Absolute, single track
Resolution 0.1 mm
Maximum measuring length 8 meters
Allowed distance sensor / tape 0.1 - 1.5 mm
Operating temperature + 5...+ 50 ° C
Housing Aluminium panel housing (black)
Housing dimensions W 96 mm x H 72 mm
Panel cut out W 92 mm x H 66 mm
Install depth (AZ16E) 37 mm
Protection class (Indicator) IP40 (installed state)
Protection class (sensor) IP67
Technical specifications of sensor (AZ16E)  
Available sensor cable length up to 20 m
bending radius / cable minimum 60 mm
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