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Driving > Optidrive Plus 3GV
Optidrive Plus 3GV is the natural evolution of the Optidrive family adding ultimate motor control to established Optidrive benchmarks of control and ease of use.

Optidrive Plus 3GV uses 3GV technology, a revolutionary and patented motor control strategy. 3GV technology delivers 200% torque at 0.0Hz allowing this unique open loop product to be used without any feedback device in many traditional closed loop applications.

Only the motor name plate data is required to achieve optimum performance, the drive continuously and automatically determines and tracks the key motor characteristics required for vector control.

Optidrive Plus 3GV can be commissioned using the unique Optiwand CE Plus software designed for use on pocket pc’s. Communication takes place without wires using infrared light to quickly and accurately transfer data.
Key Benefits
True evolution of range, maintaining same footprint and connector arrangement as original
One drive concept reduces inventory, training & technical support
Small mechanical envelope
Rugged industrial operation 50ºC ambient rating
Simple mechanical & electrical installation
Simple operation, powerful features & easy to use
Fast setup, 14 basic parameters
Real time motor current, motor speed and kW indication
Debugging using troubleshooting & P0
150% overload for 60 secs (175% for 2 secs)
Keypad control
Spin start
100% torque at 0.0Hz (no encoder)
Built in PI controller for feedack control systems
Speed regulation <1%
Automatic energy optimiser
Torque control
High speed optical interface for serial communication (115kbps)
Key Physical Features
Easy access key slots for simple installation
Easy access contactor style power terminals for intuitive easy wiring
Help card for basic parameter description and terminal layout
Easy to use keypad with bright LED display
Integral rfi filter option
Key Control Features
Programmable I/O for flexible control
12 bit bipolar analogue input, 8ms sample time
2nd analogue input for PI/ feedback control systems
Positive logic digital inputs (active high), 4ms sampling
24V/ 100mA user supply output
Galvanically isolated and short circuit proof
Key Programming Features
Silent motor running with 32kHz ultra-quiet switching
8 preset speeds
Mains dip ride through
Skip frequency
Last 4 trips stored
2kHz output frequency
Parameter lock
Hours run & kWh meters
Speed scaling factor for master- slave arrangements
2nd deceleration ramp for rapid stop
Display scaling to show real values ie “bottles/ hour”
Communication Interfaces
  Interface Protocol Baud (bps) Purpose Connections
RS485 RS485 Modbus RTU 9k6 - 115k High bandwidth control systems Drive to plc
Drive to fieldbus gateway
Optibus Plus 115K Low bandwidth control systems Drive to pc (optistore)
  Drive to drive (unlimited slaves)
Optical IrdA Optibus Plus 115K Small, low bandwidth control systems Drive to drive (mx. 2 slaves)
Commissioning Commissioning
Master – Slave / Drive to Drive Communication
Master – slave networks can be easily created by connecting the communication ports. Optiwand CE Plus can be used for commissioning individual drives through the optical port even when the drives are connected in an RS485 network.
Drive Networks to Intelligent Controllers
High bandwidth control systems can be created for up to 63 drives connected to an intelligent network with RS485/ Modbus RTU. Optiport Plus and/ or Optistore Plus can run on the same network using an RS485/ Optibus Plus connection for monitoring purposes, but not for control.
Size Length (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg) Fixings
1 155 80 130 1.1 2 * M4
2 260 100 175 2.6 2 * M4
3 260 171 175 5.3 4 * M4
4 520 340 220 28 4 * M8
5 1045 340 220 67 4 * M8
6 1100 340 330 55 4 * M8
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