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P40 Single-axis-version


* Woodworking machines
* Band saws
* Grinding machines
* Shears
* Bedstops
* Press breaks
... and many further applications
Standard functions

* Adjustable positioning output signals
* Display of required and actual position
* Absolute or incremental positioning
* Reference or datuming sequence possibility
* mm/inch switch
* Pulse multiplication factor
* Tolerance windows
* Software limit
* Blacklash compensation
* Up to 500 address lines programmable
* Offset calculation
* Pulse monitoring
* Quantity counter
* Hand mode
* 20 offset values
* Bedstop controller
* Actual value memory
Technical spechifications


LCD point matrix with backround lighting

Connection value

24 VDC, max. 200 mA 24 VAC, max. 20 VA
with uploaded outputs and not tightened relays

Puls generator supply

24 VCD, max. 130 mA

Connection technology

Plug connector

System accuracy

+/- 1 Increment

Actual value memory

10 years (EE-Prom)

Metering frequenzy

100 KHz

Operating temperature

0 - 50 °C

Storage temperature

0 - 70 °C


non condensing, max. 80 %


Aluminium, frame construction

Housing dimensions

144 x 144 mm

Outbreak measured

138 x 138 mm

Installation depth

max. 75 mm
max. 83 mm with RIA - connections
max. 110 mm with D-Sub connections


Foil, short-stroke-grope

Protection class

IP 43 (in the installation)


Measuring systems

1 measuring system (standard)

Input signals statically

PNP (Option - EN:NPN), 300 ms minimum pulse time/ PIN, max. 10 mA/ Input current/ Pin Start, Stop, rReference, chains minus, chains plus,
Departure, fixed position, number of items adding/subtracting, Eend position minus, end position plus, System RESET


Output signals

Push / pull, limited short circuit proof max. 10 mA output current, integrated catch diodes (at Option-R floating relays as normally open contact, max. 5 A bei 230 VAC resp. max.2 A at 24 VDC)


+/- 10V for DC drives
2-speed controls for AC engines, unipolar control incl. Direction exits,
Drive signals, Position reached, automatic controller release, number of items reached, reference driven runs, mode of operation hand, mode of operation single

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