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The PPC-R22 is a high-performance rack-based control with IP 20 protection. PPC-R22 is a univeral platform that functions as a PLC or motion controller, depending on the application and the software that is installed. The PPC-R is equipped with function modules for additional interfaces, such as Interbus, Profibus, etc. for open-architecture.

 General Data    
 Processor   266 MHz 
 Working Memory   32 MB SDRAM 
 Program Memory   128 kB NVRAM (residual) 
 Programming Module   16 MB CompactFlash Card 
 SERCOS Transmission Rate   8/16 MBaud 
 Real-Time Clock   buffering time, 5 days at TA 45°C 
    (optional with additional battery) 
 Battery   none (NvRAM) 
 Protection   IP20 
 EMV   Class A (industrial environment) 
 Dimensions   83.7 x 192 x 150 mm 
 Weight   approx. 1.3 kg 
 Module Mounting   RMB02.2 on DIN-Rail TS 35 x 27 x 15 
 Interfaces   2 x RS232, RS422 and RS485 (SIS) 
 Optional Interfaces   Ethernet (10/100BaseT) 
    Profibus slave module 
    Interbus slave module 
    DeviceNet slave module 
    ArcNet slave module, cross-communication 
    ControlNet slave 
    PLS master module 
    PLS slave module 
    Profibus master module 
    DeviceNet master module 
Number of 24V Inputs   3 (interrupt) 
Number of 24V Outputs   2 
Data for 24V Inputs   "0"-signal: input voltage –3V to 5V; input current ≤ 2.5mA 
    "1"-signal: input voltage 11V to 30V; input current 2.8mA ≤ I ≤ 6mA 
    lag time: typ. 100µs 
Data for 24V Outputs   output voltage 24V; output current 0.5A (nominal value) non-shorting 
    "1"-signal: 2mA ... 0.6A; voltage drop ≤ 1.5V 
    "0"-signal: leakage current ≤ 0.5mA 
    lag time: < 500µs 
 Power Supply    
nominal value   24 V DC 
ripple   5% max. 
allowable range   19.2 to 30 V DC (including ripple)  
Max. Current Consumption   1.2 A from 24V (+2.3A max. supply I/O bus) 
Required Supply Fuse   max. 4 A slow-blow 
Cable Cross-Section of Voltage Supply   0.75mm² to 1.5 mm² 
Status Display   4-character, alphanumeric 
Environmental Conditions    
Ambient Temperature (Operation)   0°C to +45°C  
Ambient Temperature (Storage/Transport)   -25°C to +70°C 
Humidity (Operation)   10% to 95% non-condensing 
Humidity (Storage/Transport)   5% to 95% 
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