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Positioning > P9511/P9521 (single axis)
Compact single axis Position Controller
Positioning with up to 3 different speed rates (up/down separately adjustable)
Measurement as incremental +, incremental - or absolute
Single set operation
program operation up to 10 sets (only P9521)
Input for index pulse
Material- and tool offset
Batch counter
Spindle compensation
Pulse multiplication factor
Tolerance window
Datum value
Dead man handle input
In- and outputs freely configurable in the menu
Positioning with potential free changeover-relay-outputs
P9511: Compact controller without program memory and manual inching
P9521: Compact controller with program memory and manual inching
Technical Specifications
Nominal voltage: 230 VAC / 50 Hz or 115 VAC / 60 Hz
Power consumption: 450 mA
Encoder supply: + 24 VDC
Input signals: PNP active high, (option: NPN active low )
minimum pulse width 300 m/s, input current/pin: max. 10mA
Output signals: Potential free changeovers 210 V / 2A (RP)
Power down memory: NOVRAM (10 years)
Connectors: Screw terminals
Displays: LED display, digit height: 8mm
Hardware: 16-Bit microprocessor with 32 KByte E-Prom and 16 KByte RAM
Input frequency: 10 KHz (higher on request)
Housing: metal, black, panel housing
Housing dimensions: w x h x d = 92 x 66 x 89 mm
Cut out: w x h = 93 x 67 mm
Operating temperature: 0°... + 50 °C
Protection class: IP 40 (installed state)
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