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Positioning > P9724 (4 axes)
Compact four axes Position Controller. The modern "stand alone" unit with very extensive functions, features and tools.
Simple menu controlled operation (levels)
Very well readable monochrome LCD-screen (160 x 128 pixels)
In- and outputs may be freely defined and allocated to any pins at the connector-terminals
Parameter dialogue via MS Excel tables (specified macros are available)
Password authorized menu levels
Extensive self test functions and service parameters
The multi axes controller "P9724'' unites the 20 years experiences of ELGO position controller technology. The standard version P9724-000 was laid out for pure axes-positioning (e.g. stop systems or linear units).
Costumer specified software solutions for different applications of each axes, e.g. milling machines, metal shears are available or can be realized.
Owing to additionally available analogue inputs, an evaluation of analogue absolute measuring systems (e.g. linear potentiometers) is possible (max. 3 axes)
Further an interface for other absolute measuring systems (e.g. RS-422) will be prepaired.
Controlled positioning (relays- or digital outputs) and also regulated positioning (PID +/- 10 V) are possible.
Technical Specifications
Nominal voltage (DC): 24 VDC (+/- 10 %)
Measuring system per axis: Channel A, B and Z
24 VDC/PNP active high)
Measuring system analog: 0..10 V or 0 (4)...20 mA
10 Bit A/D-converter
Inputs (commands): 3 x 8 digital inputs
(24 VDC/PNP active high)
Control-outputs: 2 x 8 digital out
24 V/PNP (active high)
Serial communication: RS232-interface
Connectors: D-SUB connector strain relief
Operation temperature: 0.....50°C
OPTION Power supply (AC): 115 VAC +/-10% (integrated power pack)
230 VAC +/-10% (integrated power pack)
OPTION Counting inputs as TTL: Channel A, B. A', B', Z and Z' (5 VDC/TTL)
OPTION Inputs: Digital inputs as NPN active low
OPTIONS Outputs: 1) 2 x 6 relay outputs (shutters)
2) 1 or 2 PID- analogue outputs
(+/- 10 VDC with digital output to enable regulator)
Pos. 1) and 2) may be delivered additionally to the digital outputs
OPTION Serial communication: RS485 / 2 wire interface
RS422 interface
CAN-Bus interface
OPTION Connectors:* plug able screw terminals (strain relief) in place of D-SUB
Dimensions front panel: w x h = 176 x 250 mm
Cut out: w x h = 168 x 224 mm
Install depth: 24 VDC-version: approx 60 mm
115/230 VAC-version:approx80 mm
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