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- Display the current status information
- saving the menu data & download function
- Display the motor speed & torque with a graph
- Easy changing of mode & menu data
- Display function of Alarm status
- Operation handling function by using communication protocol
- Data editing gunction by using cimmumication-code
- Auto Jog operation test function
- PC Specifications : Window98, WindowXP

External Dimension
Ratings and Characteristics
Servo Drive
Power Supply Power Supply Signal PhaseAC200~230[V] +10%-15%,
Frequency 50/60[Hz]
Applicable Motor Voltage Current 3 Phase Sine Wave PWM driven AC Servo Motor
Rated Current 3.9
Max. Current 11.7
Encoder Standard : Incremental 5V Line Driver 15선 2,500[P/R]
SA Series Motor : 2,048[P/R]
Position Control mode Input Frequency 500 [kpps] Line Driver, 200[kpps] Open Collector
Input Pulse Type A+BPhase, Forward/Reverse Pulse, Direction+Pulse[Line Driver, Open Cillector]
Input Pulse 5[V] Line Drver,24[V] Open Collector
Speed Control mode Range Of Speed Control 1:10,000
Accel/Decel Time Linear or "S"Shape Accel/Desel, 0~10,000[ms],1[ms] Units can be set seperately
Inside Communication 3 Different Speed Setting
Setting Communication Standard : RS232C,
Option : RS485Max. 16 Axis
Option Handy Loader
Embedded Function Generative Braking Standard Embedded[Operated at Servo Alarm or Servo OFF]
Regenerative Braking Standard Embedded
Electronic Gear Ratio 99,999/99,999 Times of Command Pulse is Possible
Feedback Pulse Dividing From 1to 16, Selection Division is possible/Sone Driver A/B/Z Phase, Open Collector Z Phase Output
Contacts Logic Selecting A/B contact (Input/Output Contacts) function
Monitor Digital Display Built in 7 - Segments[1Digits]
Analong Output DC 5[V]~ +5[V],2Channels [Speed, Torque, etc]
Protect Funstion Items Displayed Overcurrent, Overload,Overvoltage,Voltage shortagd, Overspeed, Wrong wiring, Encoder problem.
Momory Dapacity Can save memory The alarm upto 20 times including the current alarm occurred
Ambient Environment Temperature 0~50[℃]
Humidity Less than 90[%](Avoid Condensation)
Atmoshere indoors, No corrosive gas, Inflammable gas and fluid, Oil Mist, or dust
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