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VCP 08


The IndraControl VCP 08 compact terminal is a machine operator terminal that can initiate specific functions in the machine according to your application.

Because of its compact construction and continuous sealing on the back side of the device, it is particularly versatile. Additionally, it allows every possible mounting position.

Depending on the version, the compact terminal is equipped with three serial interfaces or with a fieldbus interface.

The front panel with short-stroke keypad consists of a 3 mm thick aluminum plate with beveled edges, which is coated with a chemical-resistant polyester film with raised embossing.

The compact terminal is equipped with a special operating system. The operating system can be reinstalled into the device (firmware-download), if necessary, by using the VI-Composer programming software.
 Performance Characteristics   VCP 08 
     text terminal 
      Type   LC display, graphics capable 
     LED, backlit 
      Characters/Line   20/4 
      Character Matrix (Normal Font)   6 x 8 pixels 
      Character Matrix (Zoomed Font)   12 x 16 pixels 
      Pixel Size (H x W)   1.14 mm x 0.95 mm 
      Resolution   120 x 32 pixels 
      Pixel Color   black 
      Background Color   yellow-green 
      Viewing Angle   90° 
      Basic Contrast / Basic Brightness Settings   with operating mode switch 
      Contrast Settings   temperature-compensated 
      LCD Life-Span   100,000 h 
      Half-Life Time of Background Lighting   100,000 h 
      Display Surface (H x W)   38 mm x 119 mm 
 Front Panel and Housing    
      Housing   steel sheet metal, galvanized 
      Front Panel   aluminum, anodized 
     209 mm x 159 mm x 3 mm (H x W x D) 
      Front Overlay   polyester film 
      Sealing   continuous rubber seal on back 
      Certifications   CE/UL/CSA 
      Protection, Front   IP54 
      Protection, Back   IP20 
      Total Weight   approx. 800 g 
      Dimensions (W x H x D in mm)   159 x 209 x 58 
      Mounting Cutout   199 mm x 139 mm (H x W) 
      Installation Depth   approx. 58 mm w/out plug 
      Type   short-stroke with pressure point 
      Number of Keys   36 
      Key Surface (Embossing)   16 mm x 16 mm 
      Function/System Keys   14/22 
      Actuation Strength   2 N to 3 N 
      Actuation Distance   0.5 mm 
      Life-Span (min.)   1 million switching cycles 
 Central Unit    
      Central Unit   Z84 
      Clock Frequency   10 MHz 
      Other Characteristics   watchdog timer, real-time clock, temperature compensation of the display, battery monitoring 
      Application   256 kB Flash 
      Firmware   256 kB Flash 
      CMOS RAM   128 kB stat., battery buffered 
      Serial Interface   RS232/RS485 
      Profibus DP Interface   optional 
      Interbus Interface   optional 
      DeviceNet Interface   optional 
      Ethernet Interface VCP08.2 only
 Electrical Data    
      Supply Voltage   24 V DC 
      Residual Ripple   maximum 10% 
      Minimum Voltage   19.2 V 
      Maximum Voltage   30.2 V 
      Current Input   0.3 A 
      Peak Current   < 0.5 A 
      Connected Load   ~10 W 
      Fuse   semiconductor fuse, auto-resetting 
      Polarization   integrated 
 Environmental Conditions    
      Ambient Temperature for Operation   0 °C to 50 °C 
      Ambient Temperature for Storage/Transport   - 20 °C to + 70 °C 
      Relative Humidity for Operation   10% to 95%, non-condensing 
      Relative Humidity for Storage/Transport   10% to 95%, non-condensing 
      Area of Application   pollution level 1, overvoltage category II 
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