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VI Composer


Simple, concise, convenient

With the fully graphics-based VI-Composer software, creating customized visualization for all IndraControl VCP devices can be done in WYSIWYG. Text segments, variables, masks, graphics and formulations can be easily created and edited using convenient editors, regardless of the control. In addition, the combination of multiple controls and languages in one project is possible. The created application is directly loaded from VI-Composer into the visualization device (IndraControl VCP).

 Fully graphics-based visualization software 
 Presentation of text segments, variables and graphics 
 Drag-and-drop support (i.e. variables) 
 Control-dependent description of variables 
 Simple graphics importing using OLE 
 Description of masks, graphics and formulations, regardless of control 
 Parallel editing of variables, graphics, messages and masks with no changes in context 
 Integrated document creation and online help 
 Font editor for the creation of custom character sets 
 Automatic application download 
 Support for multiple controls within one project 

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