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VPP 21


The IndraControl VPP 21 series are PC-based HMIs that consist of:

* enclosed plastic housing (protection for entire device: IP 40, protection for front panel: IP 64)
* TFT display, with or without touchscreen
* various display and operator components, depending on model
* integrated, high-end industrial PC

IndraControl VPP 21 are designed for mounting to a bracket. Because of their design, they are predestined as "control panel controls," and special pushbuttons are installed in the housing (Control ON, Control OFF, E-STOP) for this purpose. The left and right sides each have three navigation keys.

Standardized fieldbus systems are used for communication with external components.
Performance Characteristics   VPP21 (Touch)   VPP21 (Keys) 
    PC Operator Unit, Bracket Mount   PC Operator Unit, Bracket Mount 
      Size   14,1“ TFT   14,1“ TFT 
      Resolution   1024 x 768 Pixel, XGA   1024 x 768 Pixel, XGA 
      Colors   262.144   262.144 
 Operator Components       
      Type   Touch-Screen   Keypad 
      Function keys      12 
      Navigation keys   6   6 
      Pushbuttons   3 (Start, Stop, E-Stop)   3 (Start, Stop, E-Stop) 
      Additional keys      16 operation keys, numeric keypad, 9 custom keys, cursor keys with integrated mouse 
 Generals Characteristics        
      Processor   Pentium-III 700 MHz   Pentium-III 700 MHz 
      Main Memory   512 MB   512 MB 
      Operation system   Windows XP   Windows XP 
      Plug-in slots (PCI)   1   1 
      Fixed Disk   > 20GB   > 20GB 
      CF-Card   optional   optional 
      Mouse/Keyboard   2 x PS/2   2 x PS/2 
      ext. Display   VGA   VGA 
      serial   RS232   RS232 
      USB in PC   USB   USB 
      Ethernet   2 x 10/100 Mbit/s   2 x 10/100 Mbit/s 
      Profibus DP   optional   optional 
 Power Supply       
      Supply Voltage   24 VDC   24 VDC 
      external UPS   optional   optional 
 Monitoring Functions        
      Status-LEDs on PC Box   Voltage, Fixed Disk, Battery SRAM and Temperature   Voltage, Fixed Disk, Battery SRAM and Temperature 
 Certifications   CE / UL / CSA   CE / UL / CSA 
 Environmental Conditions        
      Protection class front   IP64   IP64 
      Protection class entire   IP40   IP40 
      Vibration- / Shockresistance   0,25 g / 5 g   0,25 g / 5 g 
      Ambient Temperature during Operation   5°C - 45°C   5°C - 45°C 
 Dimensions (W x H x D in mm)   402 x 302 x 140   402 x 468 x 140 
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